10 Benefits of Having a Big Butt


Doctors have discovered that fat located in the buttocks is relatively harmless as well, while fat that is stored in the midsection, around organs, and other parts of the body can lead to high blood pressure, inflammation, and other harmful diseases. Big booties are pretty much benign to overall health.



Not only does having a big butt enhance the curvature of the spine which attracts more attention of the fellas, it also benefits the spine by creating additional support and relieving spinal pressure and related injury during pregnancy. Everything goes back to instinct and evolution when it comes to fat derrieres.


Women with less junk in their trunk have to rely on a multitude of muscles in order to propel them from point A to point B which can cause muscle strain in the lower back, hips, knees, calves, and more places while women with larger butts take advantage of their glute muscles to their advantage while maneuvering.


Now, we’re not saying that women with big butts don’t get the munchies like everyone else does but, if they’re forced to work through lunch, unable to eat due to sickness, or going through any type of ailment that doesn’t allow them to eat, the extra fat in those a**es can be used to fuel the body in case of emergency. EMERGENCIES only people…


Another reason why big bum are a plus during pregnancy is that they allow women to maintain a steady balance while their preggo bellies increase in size and weight over time allowing them more mobility deep into their pregnancies while women on the smaller cheeked side of things struggle maneuvering at times.


Researchers have come to the conclusion that having a fat a** can potentially result in having smarter children. Butt fat stores a considerable amount of omega-3 fatty acids which are crucial for the development of the brain, nervous system, and eye tissue of a fetus and infant which can aid awareness and consciousness in a child thus making them more advanced and smarter. Crazy!


Excessive sitting results in tight hips and can make it difficult for anyone to stand up perfectly straight. Which gives women with larger bottoms an advantage because the excess cushioning can potentially lengthen your hip flexors and keep your lower body and spine in ailment, which can also alleviate lower back pain.


It may sound crazy but, researchers have found that women with a considerable of butt fat have better cholesterol levels than women who are lacking. Women with big a**es and smaller waistlines tend to have high levels of HDL cholesterol, the kind that keeps arteries clear and lower LDL cholesterol, the kind that disrupts blood flow.


According to the International Journal of Obesity, the larger the gap between your waist to thigh ratio, meaning having a smaller waist and the larger your thighs and buttocks are, you have a lesser chance of catching type-2 diabetes. Simply amazing if you ask us.


If you’re the athletic type or just enjoy getting your regular cardio in like us, you’ve probably had an issue with your hamstrings before. Fortunately, for women with bigger butts have added protection due to their developed muscular tissue in their bottoms. Pretty much a big butt is good for any and everything.


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