Are the effects of a butt pump permanent?

Butt pumps work by causing tissue expansion through the sustained pressure of the pump. Regular pressure causes cells to grow in numbers, meaning your buttocks will generate new buttocks tissue. But are the results permanent?


Users of butt pumps notice change almost instantly, as the product causes the buttocks to swell (swelling usually subsides after a few hours). To ensure the results are permanent, butt pumps need to be used religiously for at least half an hour to an hour every single day, for a period of 4 months minimum. The effects vary depending upon the person, so it’s all about finding what works for you. Permanent butt pump results require a lot of patience, and permanence is something that cannot be achieved overnight. In the initial early stages of using a butt pump, the sudden “growth” is mainly swelling, so you need to be persistent in persevering with using the pump everyday for up to an hour for 4 months. Make sure you don’t over-pump, as you can experience some pain and will have to take a break from the device for a few days.


It’s proven that if you are persist beyond the 4 month mark, you can expect to get even larger buttocks. Some user use their pumps for a ¬†further 12-18 months afterwards, with a more relaxed pumping routine. Once you have stopped using the pump, providing you have been using the device regularly or at least 4 months, you should not expect to experience a reduction in size. It is advisable to use the pump occasionally to maintain the size and pertness. Many butt pump users have seen a permanent increase of buttocks size with prolonged use, but ultimately, the results users get are dependent on how frequently the pumps are used, and how willing you are to use them over a long period of time.

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