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Q: How does the system work?

A: Vacuum enlargement devices such as those used for the breast and buttocks work on the principle that when the body or a cell is ‘provoked’,  in this case ‘pumped’, the body responds by producing more cells (proliferating) and therefore increases in size or firmness. This method, also known as “Tension Induced Tissue Growth” has long been used by doctors such as plastic surgeons when using tissue expanders etc prior to breast enlargement procedures or skin remodeling and is also similar to the principle used with stretching earlobes and other piercings.


Q: Does this system actually work?

A: If you’ve done any research online you’ll see there’s lots of different opinions on this. In the short term there’s little doubt that the system works, the suction will “inflate” the treated area for a number of hours. Whether the results will become permanent though is a question of several factors, including how often/long you use the system for and it just seems to work better for some than others. In our experience if you’re dedicated and put the time in (e.g. 30-60mins per day, or more) then you’re far more likely to see permanent results than someone who only uses the system intermittently.


Q: i don’t have much time, will it still work for me?

A: This will depend on what you mean by “don’t have much time”. If you can only put in a little time but use the system diligently every day then probably yes, though you might see slower progress than someone who can put in more time every day. If you only get chance to use the system now and then, it’s less likely you’d see long-term results (though it would still give you short term results).


Q: How long do the results last?

A: In the short term, after a 30-60min pumping session the results should last anything up to about 8-10 hours, gradually ‘fading’ towards the end of that time . With regular/daily use results can gradually effect a permanent change.


Q: I’ve heard of these types of cups cracking (and potentially causing injury). Can these cups crack?

A: No. Unlike most of our competitors, all our cups are made from high-quality polycarbonate (lexan) which is extremely strong, flexible and hard-wearing. It’s what they make the clear riot-shields out of and is used in the construction of bullet-proof glass! It means the system is more expensive to produce hence we’re perhaps not the cheapest on the market, but we feel it makes for a better (and safer) product overall. You get what you pay for.


Q: What is the system made of?

A: The cups are made from polycarbonate (lexan), the tubing is made of medical grade silicone and the airlocks and “Y-pieces” are made from injection-moulded nylon. The hand pump is made of injection-moulded ABS . All parts are guaranteed for 1 year, though with reasonably careful use should last much longer.


Q: How long do i have to use the system for?

A: This varies from user to user depending on how much you want to increase the size of your buttocks or breasts by. Swelling occurs normally after several sessions and you’d start to see more longer-lasting changes after 4-6 weeks. Most people use the system for about 6-9 months to achieve their desired goal.


Q: How often do i have to use the system?

A: It is recommended that the system is used daily for between 30 – 60 minutes and this can be divided into two sessions if necessary. Some people use the system for 1 – 2 hours per session for quicker results.


Q: Can i sleep with the system in place?

A: Due to the fact that the cups are fitted with the special airlocks, it is feasible to leave the cups in place whilst sleeping and some users do this, although with normal use, this is not required to achieve good results.


Q: Is the system painful?

A: No, if used correctly it is not painful. There will be some reddening and discomfort when pumping as the buttocks/breasts increase but this is necessary to obtain results and resolves after pumping.


Q: Are the results permanent?

A: It would be easy for us to promise permanent results as some other companies may do, however, this depends and varies from user to user. We never guarantee this however, as you will see from the results on the internet forums, many users achieve long-lasting results even after stopping pumping.


Q: Is the system safe to use?

A: Yes. We are not aware of any evidence showing that the system can cause any serious problems or side effects. Many surgeons and doctors recommend the system to their patients before and after breast augmentation filling procedures.


Q: Who should not use the system?

A: Although there is no evidence to the contrary, it is probably safer for pregnant or breast-feeding woman not to use the system. There is no age limit on using the system, however, it is advisable to wait until the breasts have stopped developing until using the system. People who have a medical history of blood clotting problems or multiple breast cysts etc are advised not to use the system. Please email us before purchasing if you are unsure whether the system is safe.


Q: Can I use the system if i have had a breast implants?

A: No, this is not recommended. However, you can use the system if you have had an explantation (removal of implants).


Q: I have uneven size breasts. Can I still use the system?

A: Yes. Most breasts are uneven (asymmetrical). Normally, this is unnoticeable to most people and you can simply use the system normally. If you are concerned that your breasts are significantly uneven, then this system is ideal. The cups have airlocks built in to them which means you can pump on one breast more than the other. Also, you can detach the main tubing from the Y piece connector to convert the system into a single system if you only want to pump one breast to make it the same size as the other one.


Q: Will the system affect my hormone levels or periods?

A: No, the system does not affect the body’s endocrine levels. If you find that your breasts become painful and more swollen during your period, then, you may prefer not to use the system during this time.


Q: Can the system be used with other systems?

A: Yes. Our cups, tubing and hand pump will fit other systems such as the Brava and Bosom Beauty system.  For example you can use our cups with the brava smart-box with only a tiny adaptation of the tubing.


Q: Are there any on-going costs of using the system?

A: No, not really. We recommend using a good moisturising cream on the skin before and after pumping. All our parts are made from high quality materials and are guaranteed for 1 year. The only other purchase will be a larger set of breast cups as you progress depending on how large you want your breasts to become. We keep all parts available in stock.


Q: Do I need to use any additional pills, herbs or creams with the system?

A: No, this is not required for good results. However, some users take these additionally to enhance their results e.g. Fenugreek, Wild Yam (Pueraria Mirifica). We suggest doing your own research into this.


Q: Is this system similar to the “cupping” I’ve seen on some olympic athletes recently?

A: Our system uses similar principles in terms of drawing blood to an area to expand tissue, but the aims are different (i.e. we’re not trying to stimulate “Qi” (energy flow) or use them to relieve pain. If used correctly the Booty-Beauty system would likely be used at much lower suction, hence the reddening you’d experience with Booty-Beauty wouldn’t be anywhere near as severe or long-lasting as you might get from “cupping”.


Q: I’m transgender, will the system work for me?

A: In the case of the butt-cups system – yes, no problem. However with the breast cups, if you have recently started hormones and you are beginning to develop natural breasts (or your breasts are in a growth phase), we recommend you do not use the system at that time. Before you start hormones is the ideal time to use the system and some feel it can even work as a sort of “primer” to stimulate the vascular system around the breasts, which can make subsequent hormone treatment more effective. If you have been on hormones for a couple of years and your breasts have “settled down” then you should be ok to use the system, though we would recommend proceeding extra gently until you have found a “level” which works for you.


Q: Do I need to become a member of the site to buy

No you can check out as guest if you prefer.


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