How to make your butt bigger without surgery – using your Booty-Beauty device

To help our customers get the most out of their Booty-Beauty non-surgical butt enhancer, we’ve prepared this short guide. Hopefully this answers some of the questions we’ve have had in a bit more detail.

1) Get comfortable. You need to be relaxed for this to work. Standing up or being in a position where your muscles are tense won’t work well and could even be painful once the vacuum is applied, especially if you then try to move.


2) Apply the cream/lubrication to your buttock to ensure a good seal with the cup, then apply the cup. There is no “right way up” – the cup is moulded to fit but the orientation of the cup will vary somewhat depending on the shape of your butt as well as which part of it you want to work on. With the lubricating effect of the cream you should be able to rotate and slide the cup until you find a position which is comfortable for you and makes an airtight seal.

In this example I’m starting with the smaller cup and will work up to the bigger one once I’ve filled the smaller one. If you just have the one size then that’s also fine, just proceed slowly and steadily.

Gently pump until you feel the tugging effect. It should not be painful. Slow and steady is the key here.

I’m prone to fidgeting so what I do is put a TV episode on on my tablet to keep my attention. Then you can pump a little, wait a little, then let off a bit of the suction. Repeat over time and over the course of 15-20 mins you’ll see you start to fill the cup more and more without having to “go at it hard”.


Don’t “go at it hard”. It’s not quicker and it’s not better.  Listen to your body and find a pace which suits you. If it hurts you’re probably doing it wrong. 

Bear in mind it gets easier once you’ve done it a few times so don’t worry if it seems a little awkward at first.


3) When you get to a point where you’ve mostly filled the cup you can use the airlock to disconnect the pump and hose for a while.

Remember: don’t try to get up or walk around while in this position (move as little as possible) since some of your gluteus maximus muscle is ‘sucked up’ into the cup. That’s one hell of a strong muscle and you could injure yourself.

The cups are made of polycarbonate (lexan) which is used as a component in making bulletproof windows, which means they’re virtually impossible to break (they won’t crack like some cheaper systems). However if you try to activate the muscle when it’s sucked up into the cup it could be painful. so stay put.


4) Having spent a while on the smaller cup I’m going up to the larger one. Same principles apply – make sure you’re well lubricated to make a good seal. It can be be a bit more tricky to get a good seal with the larger cup so just experiment till you find a position which works for you.

I seem to be just in between the two sizes so whilst the smaller cup is a bit too small on it’s own, if I start on the larger one I find it difficult to get a proper seal. However if I start on the small and then once I’ve filled that I switch to the larger one it works just fine.

Once on the larger cup, again, pump gently, progressively and over the course of about 20-30 mins you will see that you start to fill the cup.


5) Once you’ve reached a point you’re happy with (and isn’t painful) you can once again disconnect the hose using the airlock clip and the suction will stay. The cup might “migrate” somewhat during this process – as you can see with me it’s slipped round to the side somewhat. That’s OK too.  It’s just using what there is available by way of fatty/fleshy tissue. It’ll find it’s position. Again you can try and orientate the cup so that it covers the area you want to work on.


My butt is quite bony (hence using the system in the first place!) which means there’s limited fleshy tissue to work with, so once the cup has “found its position” that’s just how it sits and that’s that.


6) This is a view from the side which better shows how the fat and muscle get sucked up into the cup.  It looks a bit weird here but once you release the suction it’ll “spread out” – you won’t end up with a mound sticking out directly like it looks in the cup.


7) Once you’ve spend 20 or so minutes “pumped” you can let the suction off. There will be some read rings from where the cup met your skin but these will fade after an hour or so. You can apply cream and massage to help reduce the red marks.

It’s a bit hard to see here since as it turns out it’s quite difficult to take accurate before/after photos of your own butt, but you can hopefully just see that there is a difference already.



After pumping I can feel the difference just by how my butt moves. It may be partially because the area has been stimulated but it does feel like there’s some extra ‘junk in the trunk’ and clothes seem to fit a little tighter round that area 🙂

This process is very much a case of pumping regularly over time to get the best result. Daily or every other day is best if you can manage it. Make sure you take “rest days” from time to time.

You may have seen similar systems for increasing breast size (like ours here) which work using the same principle and can get quite dramatic results. With those even after just one session there can be quite an impressive degree of swelling.


The flesh of the butt is different from breast tissue because breast tissue is mostly composed of adipose (fatty) tissue  whereas the butt is mostly muscle (gluteus maximus) which is more elastic and returns to shape more easily so needs to be ‘worked’ more to get similar results.

So if you’ve seen or used one of the breast systems, the progress with your butt will probably be less immediately impressive. That’s just how it is unfortunately. Over time your butt will respond in the same way (i.e. it’s still subject to tension-induced tissue expansion) but because of the more “muscly” nature of the area the amount of short term swelling will be less dramatic.


Miscellaneous tips/notes:

What works quite well for me is to pump a bit until I’m feeling the tension, hold for a few mins and then let off and re-pump. I’m not sure why but it seems to let me make more progress overall in a session vs just pumping and holding.

I also seem to make more progress in a session if i start with the smaller cup and then go to the larger one.  I do have a harder time getting a seal if i just start out with the larger cup but it is possible, but even so I seem to end up filling (large) cup more fully in a session if i do the smaller cup first.

At no point should this be a painful process. If it’s hurting then you’re pumping too hard. Relax, take your time and go gently. It’ll happen.

If you pump way too hard you can risk damaging your blood vessels and like with the breast systems you may even cause blisters  – not fun. I learnt this lesson the hard way when I was new to using the breast cups and got too keen and over-pumped.  Then I had to let the blisters heal fully before being able to resume pumping which set me back weeks…so in this case more is definitely not better. Slow and steady wins the race.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.

Happy pumping!


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