How to make your nipples bigger without surgery

Whether you have inverted nipples or just want to increase the size of your nipples, there are various approaches you can use without having to resort to surgery.

Surgery can do some wonderful things but quite often it can bring its own complications and issues. Even if it solves the initial problem you can end up with other, new problems as a result of the surgery.

All too often all the risks and possible side effects aren’t *fully* explained either which doesn’t really help matters.


In some circumstances, inverted nipples can be a sign of an underlying medical problem. If you’ve always had inverted nipples then there’s probably not an issue but if they’ve recently changed shape or become inverted, particularly if you are over 50 then there may be an underlying problem, in which case please speak to your doctor.

So assuming there’s not a medical issue, and if you’re not going for surgery what are your options for treating inverted nipples or just getting bigger/longer nipples?


  • Manual stimulation (2 methods)

  • The “dropper” method

  • The “syringe” method

  • Vacuum stimulation (e.g like our nipple enlarger)


Let’s go over these approaches in a bit more detail:

Manual stimulation #1 – SEX!: 

Obviously this is one of the more fun methods 😉 The idea is basically just to stimulate your nipples more during  sex/play with a partner. Stimulation can be oral (sucking) or with fingers. Rolling, massaging, sucking them etc. Realistically you’d probably have to be having quite a lot of sex for this to make much of a noticable difference long term, but every little helps, and if combined with other forms of manual stimulation you could see some worthwhile results over time.

Pros: Free, fun

Cons: On its own, probably not that effective


Manual stimulation #2 – The Hoffman Method:

This is mostly meant as a method for treating inverted or flat nipples, but when combined with other forms of stimulation will also help if you’re trying to increase the size of your nipples.

The basic idea is that you use your fingers to gently stretch the skin/areola either side of your nipples horizontally and then vertically. You start off with a few repetitions daily and gradually work up to more.

Pros: free

Cons: only likely to help a little bit over time.


The “dropper” method:

If you’ve searched on this topic already you might have seen this mentioned. The basic premise is that you get a “dropper” and cut off the rubber part like so:

Then you squeeze the rubber part and attach to your nipple using suction. With a bit of luck it’ll stay in place.

The sources I found which recommended this method seemed to suggest it should be something to be done over longer periods of time, using the gentle prolonged suction to gradually increase the size of your nipples

I must admit out of curiosity I tried this method and whilst it sort-of worked, I found it’s not really compatible with wearing clothes. The suction produced was quite gentle and not unpleasant, but also didn’t really seem like it would be terribly effective either, plus I don’t really see how it’s supposed to work over longer periods, if you can’t wear clothes with it (unless you live in a nudist colony of course).

Also – this method seems to presume you have some nipple to begin with, since you need something to keep the dropper in place. If you have flat or inverted nipples I doubt this method would really work for you.

Pros: Simple, cheap, potential to work in the right circumstances

Cons: Not good if you wear clothes, or have flat or inverted nipples.


The “syringe” method:

This is another cheap DIY solution. All you need for this approach is a syringe (only the plastic part, not the needle!). A 10ml syringe would be ideal.

The basic idea is that you cut the top off the syringe with a sharp craft knife, put the open end of the syringe over your nipple and use the plunger to apply a vacuum.

For a cheap DIY method this actually works pretty well – the suction from the syringe is decent, the size of the opening is fairly well matched to the size of a nipple and the syringe seals against the skin quite well too.

The main thing to bear in mind with this method is to make sure you make a clean cut with the craft knife and carefully smooth down the cut edges with sandpaper (or a nail file at a push) otherwise you might be left with sharp edges which could injure your nipple/areola during use.

The wall of the syringe being as thin as it is you will probably find you get some marks and possibly also some discomfort from the edge of the syringe digging into your skin, but if you don’t apply too much suction it shouldn’t be too bad and could be a worthwhile trade-off for a very cheap DIY method.

Some lube (or even saliva) should help you get a good seal  around the edge of the syringe.

Try and use a fresh syringe if possible since older ones tend to seize and their action can become “jerky”, so proceed cautiously when applying the vacuum. You may have to hold the syringe to maintain the vacuum, though at low vacuum and with a fresh syringe this shouldn’t really be an issue.

One thing to note is that the syringe will “pull” your nipple to fit the size of the syringe – so when freshly “pumped” you may find your nipples are somewhat “cylindrical” (i.e. the same diameter as the syringe) rather than tapered/conical, but this should settle down once the initial “engorged” state has relaxed.

Pros: cheap, quite effective

Cons: possible discomfort from the shape of the syringe, possible injury if cut edges not smoothed properly. 


Booty Beauty nipple enlarger kit:

Ok so the last in our line-up , another vacuum stimulation approach but this time with a kit designed to do exactly this.  The basic premise here is quite similar to the dropper & syringe methods, in the sense that you’re applying a gentle vacuum over a period of time, but we’re doing so with a little more precision, control and comfort.

There’s quite a few different types of apparatus on the market for this approach – you’ll have to decide for yourself which will work best for you.

We sell a system along these lines which obviously we think is the way to go but it’s far from the only option available to you.

If you look on sex-toy websites too you’ll find similar devices, though generally they do seem to be slightly more geared towards being “fun” devices (i.e. for during sex/play) than medical devices.

In our system you have a specially shaped “cup” which fits over the nipple, which has a little hose and connects to a hand vacuum pump, so you can pump a little and then let it sit a while before releasing. You can repeat the process as often as is convenient.

Notice the internal shape of the cup is designed to give a natural shape to the nipple as it extends. Cups come in various sizes so you can go up a size once you’re ready. Click for a larger version.


Like most of the other approaches we’ve looked at, this system relies on the principle of “tension induced tissue growth”, which is the same technique in play as when people stretch their earlobes, or also “tissue expanders” as used in reconstructive breast (and other) surgery.

The vacuum draws blood into the nipple and it swells slightly, and as the process gets repeated over time the tissue gets more ductile as it gets accustomed to being manipulated in that way.

The full nipple enlarger set. It’s available with a few different configurations to suit your individual requirements and budget. Click for a larger version.


Like with all of the previous methods we’ve outlined, this system works with repetition over time, and whilst you also can’t really use it whilst wearing clothes, you do have more control over the amount of vacuum applied rather than relying just on the strength of the dropper you happen to find. If you can dedicate just a few minutes a day you’re likely to see quite noticeable results.

Unlike the syringe method – the edges of these nipple cups are shaped to fit your body so you shouldn’t experience discomfort during use (i.e. the edge of the cup won’t dig into your skin like  with the syringe method). Also the cups are slightly tapered at the entrance to encourage a natural nipple shape so you won’t end up with “cylindrical” nipples like you can with the syringe method.

Unlike the syringe method where (depending on your syringe) you can end up having to hold the plunger in place to maintain vacuum, or the dropper method which can be prone to randomly falling off, this system uses a hand vacuum pump which automatically maintains the vacuum. The pump has a release button for when you want to reduce the vacuum or remove the cup which obviously makes it a bit more convenient to maintain the desired vacuum than some of the other methods we’ve looked at.

The system produces a short term result (i.e. the nipples is engorged/swollen after pumping), but if used regularly, over time the results will become permanent.

Essentially it combines elements of manual stimulation (Hoffman method as well as oral/fingers) with elements of the “dropper” method, but in a more controlled way.

Pros: It works, good level of control, effective for short and long term

Cons: Not free



One thing which seems to be common to all the approaches we’ve looked at is that they work over time and require a degree of patience to get the results you’re after.

Essentially all the approaches also use the same principle of tension induced tissue growth – just some maybe offer a little more precision, control and comfort than others but that’s a trade-off you need to decide on yourself.

That said,  *all* the approaches we’ve listed work, it’s really more a question of what fits better into your life.

In an ideal world you might use a combination of approaches – e.g. increased manual/oral/digital stimulation during sex, some manual stimulation (a la “Hoffman method”) but then also combined with using a vacuum system.

Either way, as is so often the case – little and often wins the race.

Good luck!

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below 🙂


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8 thoughts on “How to make your nipples bigger without surgery”

    1. Little and often is generally a good approach here, especially when you first start using the system. This give your nipples time to get used to being “manipulated”.

      Ideally you might want to go daily for 15 mins or so but have maybe 2 days per week as “rest days”. Perhaps over time once you’re used to the system you could go for a bit longer – e.g. 30 mins.

      The most important thing is if it’s painful then you’re either pumping too hard or doing it wrong.

      As always, go gently and let your body adapt and you might be surprised by how quickly you progress.

      Also like with the breast and the butt-pump systems, lubrication is your friend.

      I hope that helps 🙂

  1. If you cut the syringe and insert the plunger from that end (with the uncut end against your breast) you won’t get “digging in your skin” or injury from sharp edge. Ijs