Booty Beauty Butt Enlarger

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Booty Beauty Butt Enlarger

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Based on the principle of “Tension Induced Tissue Growth” this system uses a specially “butt-contoured” vacuum cup and a hand pump to simply and effectively enlarge your butt-cheeks.

Similar systems are available for enlarging breasts, nipples, lips etc (we sell these too) but this is the first (only?) system specifically designed to work on your butt.

Just select the system you want:

Medium or Large single cup system ( 1 medium or 1 large cup, with tubing, hand pump, instructions and case)

Medium or Large double system ( 2 medium or 2 large cups, with tubing, hand pump, instructions and case)

Medium and Large single system (1 medium and 1 large cup, with tubing, hand pump, instructions and case)

Medium and Large double system (2 medium and 2 large cups, with tubing, hand pump, instructions and case)

Just select from the drop down menu for the system of your choice.

Sizing Guide: (dress sizes for women)

USA & Canada UK Europe Japan Australia Booty cup size
2 4 32 5 6 Medium cups
(under 36″ hip)
4 6 34 7 8
6 8 36 9 10
8 10 38 11 12
10 12 40 13 14 Large cups
(over 36″ hip)
12 14 42 15 16
14 16 44 17 18
16 18 46 19 20
18 20 48 21 22


What’s included with the kit?

  • A very effective, durable pump constructed of hard high quality plastic, with a vacuum release valve, which allows you to control the amount of vacuum required.
  • Two High Quality Butt cups made of polycarbonate. These will never crack! The cups are shaped to fit the profile of the buttock and come in two sizes (size guide on the product page)
  • High quality, medical-grade silicone Y-piece connecting tubing.
  • Each cup is fitted with an high quality airlock so that once the buttock is pumped up, you can remove the tubing and hand pump to leave the cup in place.
  • A neat, discrete travel bag to contain the system.
  • Clear written instructions for using the system.
  • 1 year warranty on all parts.

The Butt Enhancement System is:

  • SPONTANEOUS – works within minutes – pumps up the buttocks immediately
  • SAFE – virtually no side effects or contraindications for use.
  • FREQUENT – can be used daily or multiple times daily if desired.
  • NO – pills or special creams required.

Cup dimensions:

Small cup:

~11.5cm / 4.5″ (across narrowest bit)
~13.5cm / 5.3″ (across widest bit)
~10cm /  3.9″ tall (if stood flat on table)

Large cup:

~17cm /  6.7″ (across narrowest bit)
~19cm / 7.5″ (across widest bit)
~12cm / 4.7″ tall (if stood flat on table)

Additional information


Medium one cup system, Large one cup system, Med and large one cup system, Medium two cup system, Large two cup system, Med and large two cup system

5 reviews for Booty Beauty Butt Enlarger

  1. k Evans

    Woo! I guess I’m the first ??

    My system arrived within 2 days (uk post) and seems to do what it says on the tin. The cups are very sturdy and nicely finished with no rough/sharp edges. In my case the large cup is a bit too large and the medium is a bit too small but I’m a somewhat unusually proportioned size 14 so that’s not a huge surprise (and partially why I got the system).

    What works for me is to start off on the medium cup then once I’ve filled it I can get an airtight seal on the large one.

    Getting the cups in position takes a bit of practice but is manageable. I do one cup/cheek at a time while lying on my front and watching tv, otherwise I end up fidgeting and lose the vacuum seal.

    It’s too early for me to say about long term results but the short term results seem quite noticable as I’d hoped. It’s not like my bum gets massively bigger but somehow it just *fills out* nicely and is more evenly round. It’s kind of hard to describe but I can feel the difference before and after pumping.

    Also thank you Jenny for swapping out one of my large cups for a medium at no charge.

  2. Chloe

    Very good and high quality product! I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and I’m very pleased with the result! I will highly recommend this to those who wants to enhance the size and shape of their butt!?

  3. Kristian

    So far so good after 3 uses an hour at a time i see improvement and it feels like I did a million squats . I’m excited to see what happens

  4. alok (verified owner)

    The product is indeed great (out of the world) it gives an awesome boost to the butt shape if u try it daily ,the butt which squats can give you in 6months can be achieved in 1month (even for guys )just a regular usage of 30 minutes everyday. But the unfortunate part is that the pump they provide is very fragile, I purchased two large cups and was provided with two pumps both are broken within 1month of usage, And after sales they were able to replace one pump but if one is gonna use their pump on a regular basis then It is susceptible to break every month. Wish they made sturdy pumps (metallic) ones. But if anyone wants a great booty just regular use will give you one. Please management change the pump and please respond to my emails .No one has responded yet.

  5. alok (verified owner)

    It’s a lovely product I use it everyday and there has been a great increase in my butt size.It’s recommended to ppl who even go to the gym and squat for prolonged hours to get a great butt…. use it and see the difference you would not regret I can bet on that….

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