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Best Natural Luscious Lip Plumping Enhancer Enlarger Pump Device No Injections

Natural way to enhance your lips!

How to use:
Lip Pump should never be painful if you follow the instructions provided with your product. Bruising should not occur if the conditioning process is carefully followed. If you do not follow the instructions carefully then minor bruising or swelling may occur. If you experience bruising or discoloration then stop using this product immediately until the bruise goes away or following medical advice. You can then begin the conditioning process again to gradually build up fluid in the lip tissue and enhance your lips to get more beautiful lips and bigger lips.

This Product Caution section specifically outlines the Conditioning process you must carefully follow – stage by stage in order to achieve the full potential & natural fullness and results you desire; without any discomfort or bruising or other adverse effects.

There are 2 essential stages you must go through in order to attain increased lip size.

The first Beginner Stage is for new users. It is essential that you follow these instructions – 14 days prior to moving onto the next stage of Lip Plumping conditioning program. You will notice results straight away but they are not the final results that you can enjoy from this product. So you have to be patient and not get excited and carried away by over using it, as some overzealous users may do.

New Users please note it is essential to properly condition your lips for 14 days. Follow the product instructions carefully to avoid bruising your mouth and lips area. Generally new users who are excited and keen to see immediate results can be overzealous in their attempt to enhance their lip size dramatically. This can produce some minor bruising. If you experience minor bruising then stop using this product until the bruising subsides and then start again at Stage 1.

The second stage follows after the 14 day Conditioning Period where you can now proceed to increasing your pulls to 6 x 10 second long intervals. Please remember to keep the pulls long, slow & steady. Following the instructions of the 2nd stage you will produce Lip Plumping – naturally increased lip size for 4 – 8 hours at a time.

Advanced stage – which is the stage at which your lips will extra fluid accumulation. The Advanced User has generally been using the lip plumper for 3 weeks & realise its full potential in increasing lip size. You are advised not to exceed two minutes continued use more than 3 times a day. It is here at this stage that you will attain long lasting lip enhancement for up to 12 hours each time you use the device.

Therefore bruising should not occur if the conditioning process is carefully followed. If you do not follow the instructions, then bruising or swelling may occur. If you experience some minor bruising then stop using the Lip Plumping device and allow some time for your lips to heal & rejuvenate.

The lip plumping effects last a very long time varying with every individual and the way in which they apply the device. Remember Long Slow pulls in the advanced stage [after 3 weeks use] produce natural looking long lasting results. You will have to be patient in your quest to achieve beautiful natural looking plump lips.

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Brand New Lip Pump / Lip Plumper

Unique Lip Pumping device for natural Lip enhancement



Develop fuller, thicker more pouty lips!

This product is designed to be used when you require the effect of fuller, more plump lips, and the results are not permanent. Continued usage may lead to increased fluid capacity within the lips meaning you may not need to use the Pump as frequently in order to maintain your plump look!


BEFORE USE – It is recommended to remove the bottom part of pump and lubricate the blue pump ring. Moisturiser can be used for this purpose, or Lip Balm works very well. It is recommended to lubricate the blue pump ring regularly to maintain a smooth pump and tight seal.

–  Apply the lip pump to the mouth area and gently suck the air through to secure the pump in place. Your lips should sit within the mouthpiece of the pump. Please ensure the  mouth piece is the correct way up (shorter side to the top, longer side to the bottom).

– It is important to condition your lips to the usage of the lip pump. Excessive usage may cause pain / bruising. Once the pump is secured in place, pump the Lip Pump until the lips are sucked into the mouth piece. If you are finding it difficult to make a tight seal with the pump, applying some lip balm to the skin and lip pump can help create a tighter seal.

– Draw the pump out slowly and back in again. Repeat until lips are pulled further into the mouthpiece area. If pressure becomes painful, cease the pumping session to avoid bruising.

– For the first 2 weeks, it is recommended to use the pump only twice per day, pumping until pressure is felt on the lip area.

– After 2 weeks, usage may be increased to3-4 pumping sessions per day.

– After 1 month, usage may be increased, but do not exceed 2 minutes of usage per day.

CAUTION – If you experience excessive pain, bruising or swelling, discontinue usage immediately.


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