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Breast Pump and Butt Pump Systems: Health Product or Sex Toys?

When it comes to products like Breast Enhancement Pumps and Butt Pump Systems, the general consensus often settles on the idea that these products are designed purely for sexual purposes. As these products focus on intimate areas of the body, which is why so many people automatically link the buying of these health products to enhancing genitals for pleasure. However, these products are primarily designed to be natural enlargement products from health professionals and offer health benefits to those that use them.

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How to make your nipples bigger without surgery

Whether you have inverted nipples or just want to increase the size of your nipples, there are various approaches you can use without having to resort to surgery.

Surgery can do some wonderful things but quite often it can bring its own complications and issues. Even if it solves the initial problem you can end up with other, new problems as a result of the surgery.

All too often all the risks and possible side effects aren’t *fully* explained either which doesn’t really help matters.


In some circumstances, inverted nipples can be a sign of an underlying medical problem. If you’ve always had inverted nipples then there’s probably not an issue but if they’ve recently changed shape or become inverted, particularly if you are over 50 then there may be an underlying problem, in which case please speak to your doctor.

So assuming there’s not a medical issue, and if you’re not going for surgery what are your options for treating inverted nipples or just getting bigger/longer nipples?


  • Manual stimulation (2 methods)

  • The “dropper” method

  • The “syringe” method

  • Vacuum stimulation (e.g like our nipple enlarger)


Let’s go over these approaches in a bit more detail:

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